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We are a reformed ministry that is part of (CCN) City Church Network, Orlando Fl. Our mission is to manifest Christ and extend His Kingdom. We believe the present Church is going through a transformation and reformation caused by the Holy Spirit as a result we, as well as others, are being blessed with this glorious reformation. If you would like to be part of what God is doing join with us and be part of His glorious history.


We hope you can find within this website the adequate information that will help you better understand who we are, how we build and how we can be of help to you and your ministry. We would like to know more about you so together we can collaborate with Christ in His glorious commission of manifesting Him and extend His Kingdom, so please contact us and tell us about yourself and if this website was informative.


How we build


We believe that to reflect the excellence of the image of God, we should build our lives according to the values and order of God in the following levels:


Personal By developing the image, identity, potential and the destiny of God on a personal level in the life of the believer.


Family By fortifying our marriages and families, recognizing that they are the foundation of our ministries.


Ministerial By promoting interdependent, Christ-Centered relationships, with a Kingdom mentality, in order to promote autonomous works, building up on an apostolic and prophetic foundation.

Organizational By maintaining the perspective that the "entity" exists for the purpose of serving the vision and the servants leaders that compose the organization, not vice versa.


Our Core Values


  1. Theocratic Government
  2. Gospel of Grace and Truth
  3. Character Formation and Equipping the Saints
  4. Transparent and Permanent Relationships
  5. Family the Basis of Ministry
  6. Development of Effective Leadership
  7. Team Ministry Based on Diversity
  8. Biblical Stewardship
  9. Education Based on a Biblical Worldview
  10. Autonomous and Interdependent Ministries
  11. Businesses with a Kingdom Mentality
  12. Ministerial Excellence